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The Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition brings together groups of activists in the City and the surrounding area to coordinate action and spread information and news about all housing issues. We are independent of local and national government and self funding. Our aims and objectives are to provide an independent voice that supports tenants, leaseholders, homeless and people in temporary or emergency accommodation. Together we can make a greater difference.

The Coalition One Year On

Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition launched on 19th August 2017 at St. George’s Church, Kemptown, in the presence of MPs Caroline Lucas and Lloyd Russell Moyle and 200 delegates from 20 organisations who signed up to the Coalition’s Aims and Objectives at the end of the day. In the intervening 12 months this group of largely volunteer housing activists, supported by Pride’s Social Impact Fund, have been extremely busy but there remains a growing need for our breed of activism. Read More
Barry Hughes, 2018

SWEP Updates on Dave Thomas' Blog

As many have said, the present operation of SWEP (the severe weather emergency protocol) is very unsatisfactory. I have written it up in a blog post which gives details of what SWEP is, what has changed, and what needs to change further. The protocol itself, original and amended, is not publicly available, which is symptomatic of the problems in this area.

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What's Coming Up

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If you have details of meetings, action or events you would like posted on the calendar please contact us giving 48 hours notice of events.
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Rotherfield Crescent Development

Why does the Chair of Brighton and Hove City Council want to keep the financial decisions secret when a majority of councillors voted for an open debate?
Rotherfield Development site panorama It seems not a case of I can see clearly now but rather I see through a glass darkly.

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