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The Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition brings together groups of activists in the City and the surrounding area to coordinate action and spread information and news about all housing issues. We are independent of local and national government and self funding. Our aims and objectives are to provide an independent voice that supports tenants, leaseholders, homeless and people in temporary or emergency accommodation. Together we can make a greater difference.

Breaking News on The Pledge

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John Hadman Explains the Pod

Go to videos and seee how John explains the beefits of the Pod for homeless people in night shelters.

Boots on the Ground

With Sussex Economic Support distributing boots and rucksacks to homeless people at Brighton Clock Tower last Sunday. Go to gallery for photos.

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Report on the Inaugural Conference

This was the first conference of the Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition to establish the aims and principles of the coalition with inputs from Caroline Lucas, Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Larissa Reed.

The day was also punctuated with a variety of workshops on various issues that attendees signed up to:

• Temporary & Emergency accommodation
• Community led housing
• Privately rented accommodation
• Residents, including leaseholders, of council owned properties
• Benefits and Housing

• Health and Housing
• Advocacy & legislation
• Living rents, affordability, and social housing
• Accessibility
• Homelessness (including utilisation of empty properties)

At the end of the morning and afternoon sessions therew were plenary discussions and the day closed with the formal adoption and signing of ther Aims and Objectives of the Coalition which forms the basis of the provisional constitution.

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What's Coming Up

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If you have details of meetings, action or events you would like posted on the calendar please contact us giving 48 hours notice of events.
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Green Councillors Sign The Pledge

Yesterday, November 15th, before the Brighton and Hove City Council Housing Committee meeting, the Green group of councillors, led by Phélim Mac Cafferty, with Clare Moonan, Labour, all signed a pledge to do all they can to end rough sleeping in our City. They were supported by members of Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition who also asked questions in the meeting."

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Dan Harris Introduces BHHC at Labour Conference

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